Treatment Types For Your Driveway Sealing Needs

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The need for surfaced roads is the result of people wanting to move fast between different places. When you leave home for work, it helps to take the shortest time possible to start attending to your office matters. At the same time, surfaced roads enhance the aesthetic appeal of built areas. Well maintained road surfaces are essential for all those who want their paved areas to live up to their expectations. One way you can ensure this is by sealing the road surface. It protects the road from damage and helps the underlying materials maintain their structural integrity. Here are the treatment types for spray sealing your driveway.

Single Application Seals

Single application sprayed road seals involve the application of bituminous binders as thin films. One layer of aggregate follows the bituminous film. The aggregate used in this case must be uniform in size and capable of withstanding vast volumes of traffic. During application, make sure that the seal has a good binder to hold the aggregate in place without needing to flush the surface. Additionally, the aggregate should not be submerged in the binder for the best results.

If you opt for single application sprayed seals, ensure that you use fewer binders in areas bound to have heavy traffic. The traffic flattens the aggregates and makes them have a vertical dimension, embedding them properly into the binder.

Prime Seals

You can also opt for prime seals when you want light-duty protection. Priming is the application of light bituminous materials without any underlying aggregate. The prime seal often goes on untreated road surfaces as you prepare them for secondary seal application. Essentially, the prime seal enhances adhesion between the subsequent surfacing and the base layer.

Surface Enrichment Seals

Surface enrichment seals are light bituminous sealants regarded as rejuvenating agents. They have no covering aggregate. These seals go onto the surface as rejuvenating agents to restore the seal binder. Surface enrichments come in handy for those who want to extend the lifetime of an existing seal. Traditionally, spraying surface enrichments into place is the most effective way of getting them into place.

Multiple Application Sprayed Seals

Multiple application spray seals comprise successive applications of suitable aggregates and binders. The most preferred option is using two applications with large aggregates dominating the first layer and smaller aggregates taking over in the subsequent layer. The smaller aggregates excel at filling the spaces left by the large aggregates. In the end, you will have a robust, durable seal with a fine-textured top surface.

For more information, contact a driveway spray sealing service in your area.

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