Benefits of Installing a Skylight or Roof Window in Your Home

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It's not always possible to allow more light to flow inside a home by adding vertical windows. The architectural design may prevent this if a room doesn't have an appropriate external wall or if neighbours are too close. But that doesn't mean that you can't access daylight from above. Consider the following benefits of installing a skylight window in your home.

Create a View

A roof window or an openable skylight offers a viewpoint outside, making a room feel larger and more open. A roof window also is an attractive architectural element. You'll enjoy an unusual view of the sky, giving the room a unique outlook.

Provide Extra, Uniformly Spread Daylight

Openings on the ceiling typically create a more evenly lit space than vertical windows that leave rooms with patchy light depending on their size and location. For example, the area directly in front of the window may be too bright while the other side of the room remains shaded. Because skylights and roof windows are placed more centrally rather than to one side, they create more uniformly lit rooms in which brightness reaches all areas. Plus, diffusers can soften hard shadows caused by the window frame edges. 

Enhance a Low or Angled Roof

If your home has an attic or a room with a low, flat ceiling, a skylight or roof window can open up space and prevent a claustrophobic feeling. Not only will the opening let light flow into the room for a brighter ambience, but the clear glass of a roof window, in particular, will extend your eye line for a greater sense of spaciousness.

Cool Your Home

Openable skylight windows will allow you to use natural airflow to cool your home. Hot air naturally rises and thus tends to collect around the ceiling — it will gravitate to the highest point it can reach. If you open the skylight or roof window, the warm air will naturally flow outside. By also opening a vertical window at a lower level, you'll create a natural circular flow of air entering the vertical opening and exiting the skylight or roof window. Using this natural stack effect is ideal for refreshing your home in the evening after a scorching hot day.

Save on Lighting Bills

Not only will extra natural light create a more pleasant ambience in your home., but it will also lower your reliance on artificial light sources. You'll be able to install lower-wattage globes or turn lights off that you otherwise would use during the day.

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