Current Trends Modernising Vinyl Cladding Systems

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Vinyl cladding systems retain the top spot among homeowners across Australia for several reasons. To begin with, when compared to other cladding materials in the market, vinyl is one of the most economical solutions available and this makes it financially accessible to a majority of homeowners. Moreover, vinyl cladding systems are not complex to install, so you can rest assured that you will save on labour costs too. In terms of longevity, vinyl is not only fade-resistant, but it is moisture resistant too. Hence, you do not have to worry about having to repair or replace this material regularly.

Nonetheless, the main drawback of vinyl cladding is that it is not the most attractive solution you can consider. But this does not mean that it will automatically depreciate the aesthetic value of your home. Rather, to elevate its visual appeal, consider the following trends that can modernise your vinyl cladding system.

Vertical installation of vinyl cladding systems

When you think of the installation of vinyl cladding, your mind likely automatically envisions horizontal panels that go around a home. But while this positioning has been the norm for decades on end, it does not mean that you have to resort to this option. To enhance the visual interest of the vinyl cladding system, you should opt for vertical installation. One of the leading benefits of vertical installation of vinyl cladding is that it creates the illusion of height. The taller the exterior walls of your home look, the bigger your house seems too, and this gives your residence a striking appearance.

Another benefit of vertical installation is that it mitigates staining and watermarks on the cladding, as the vertical ridges maximise gravity to redirect precipitation down the walls. Not to mention that since most other houses will have horizontally installed cladding, your house immediately stands out in the neighbourhood.

Cool white hues for your vinyl cladding system

Vinyl cladding systems come in a wide variety of colours. From rich browns to vivid greens, homeowners will gravitate toward bold hues that will add a pop of colour to the exterior of their home. But have you ever considered choosing white hues to modernise your vinyl cladding system? Naturally, some people will be wary of having white vinyl cladding on the exterior of their house, as they assume this colour will be a magnet for grime.

But this does not have to be the case. For starters, choose a cool white tone that is bright, which is unlike warm white hues that have yellowish undertones. Additionally, as long as you hose down the cladding on occasion, the white vinyl will remain visually pleasing, and this elevates the overall appearance of your home.

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