Is Suspended Scaffolding an Ideal Choice for Your Residential Construction Project?

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When you hire construction contractors for a project on your residential property, you will undoubtedly come across a multitude of terms that you have never heard of before. One common word you may hear is scaffolding. Scaffolding systems allow contractors to carry out their work at an elevated height, such as installing windows on a second storey, working on roofing or similar projects.

However, simply because this system is integral to a project does not mean that you can choose any solution you want based on costs. Instead, these scaffolding systems should be picked out and set up by professionals to ensure maximum safety on the site. If you are wondering why your construction contractors have chosen a suspended scaffolding system, this piece outlines a few of the things that you need to know. This way, you can discern why this equipment is the ideal choice for your residential construction project.

What is a suspended scaffolding system?

The first thing that you should know about scaffolding systems is that while they are designed to provide temporary access, the systems that are employed tend to be site-specific. Hence, the expertise of the contractors gives them insight into what would be best for your residential project based on the unique challenges they could be facing on that site. Unlike supported platforms erected from the ground up, suspended scaffolding systems are secured in place by ropes attached to the structure that the contractors will be working on. Thus, this scaffolding systems hangs on the side of the building rather than being raised.

Your contractors may have chosen this solution for a couple of reasons. For starters, the ground conditions could be too unstable to support a working platform so suspended scaffolding will be better than having to stabilise the ground. Secondly, this type of scaffolding system is best when there is limited ground access to safely erect a supported scaffolding system

What are the advantages of utilising a suspended scaffolding system?

There is an array of advantages of utilising a suspended scaffolding system on your residential construction site over other options. To begin with, suspended scaffolding tends to be more affordable than its counterparts are since this system is lightweight. Hence, transporting it to the site and installing it is economical since it requires less labour and fewer materials. Additionally, suspended scaffolding is versatile, as it is portable enough to be used in different locations on the site.

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