How to correctly plan your subdivisions

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Are you planning a subdivision? Splitting up a large piece of land into several smaller lots can be a good way to maximise your income from the land and ensure that what may have been a costly expense can become a valuable asset. By creating separate lots you create the possibility of building multiple homes and selling them on to different owners.

Creating legal subdivisions

While the idea of creating subdivisions may seem simple, the execution of the plan isn't always as easy as you might think. You can't simply divide up your land any way you wish and start building. To legally create a subdivision you must follow the right process and that starts with a survey. There are a lot of surveys that you could consider asking about. You might want a topographical survey so that you can clearly see the features of the land and how they can be incorporated into your project. You could consider a boundary survey to make sure that the boundaries of your land are clearly established before you start building. However, one survey you will certainly need is a subdivision survey.

What is a subdivision survey?

When you create a subdivision you establish new legal boundaries for each parcel of land that you divide and set up new property titles for each parcel. It is vital that each of these new parcels of land has clearly defined boundaries and that is where a surveyor can help. Working with a surveyor is the best way to establish where the boundaries should be for every piece of land. Establishing boundaries is about much more than simply drawing lines on a map. Few pieces of land are entirely symmetrical, and you will need to take in the natural features of the land during your planning. You will also want to think about access to each new property. The new homeowners will want to be able to access their properties from the main road. In addition to homeowner access, you must consider how the utility companies will be able to supply services to each property.

If planning your subdivision alone seems like a lot of work then talking to your local surveying company is the best option. They will be able to offer you advice on the types of survey that you may need and how you can use those surveys to support your application for a subdivision.

For more information, contact a subdivision service.

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