What Materials Do You Need for Your Landscaping Project?

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If you have a landscaping project, you need to know the different materials you might require. They mainly comprise of garden soil and sand, gravel and pebbles, compacting bases, turf, timber, etc. It is important to note that you might need the services of a landscaping contractor to choose and apply these materials.

Garden Soil and Sand

Do you want soil that is fertile enough to grow various plants or flowers or do you want sandy soil for aesthetic purposes? These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself. You should know what plants you want to grow and what their requirements are to determine what the soil should contain and if you need other things like fertiliser.

If you have children, you can get sandy soil for a playground and ensure the sandy soil is child safe.

Gravel and Pebbles

This is mostly for aesthetic purposes. Gravel and pebbles offer good drainage as well. Since you can't walk easily on pebbles, you can have them on the sides of pavements or in a small pond. Gravel can be used on surfaces where you do not want to place pavements and where you don't want the ground to remain bare.

Compacting Bases

These comprise mainly of decomposed granite, crusher dust and a road base. These are mainly used under your slabs, on your driveway and for your pathways. The road base, also known as road gravel, is excellent for wet conditions and does not form mud.

Decomposed granite offers great aesthetics for your pathways because of its colour and soft and natural appearance. You can come across brown, black, red, green, grey, etc. It also offers good drainage and keeps the dust down. Decomposed granite is also inexpensive.

Crusher dust is commonly used as a filling and packing material, especially around water tanks. You might also find that it can be mixed with natural sand to prevent high levels of water demand and concrete shrinkage. If you have trenches, crusher dust is great for backfilling.


When it comes to turf you need to be careful. There are different types of turf available and you have to consider various aspects. Is the turf drought, pest, shade, winter or disease tolerant? Can the turf thrive in the weather conditions in your region? Do you need coarse or fine grass? Do you want low maintenance? These questions help you choose the correct turf.


Timber is used to build various structures and furniture you might need in your landscaping project. Choosing timber is crucial because it has different levels of durability. Each specifies where that particular timber should be used without getting damaged.      

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