Critical Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Skip Bin

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If your home generates a substantial amount of waste, it might be prudent to engage a skip bin service provider. Skip bins make it easy for homeowners to dispose of waste without having to go through all the hassle of looking for a dumpsite. However, hiring a skip bin involves much more than just picking the phone and calling the first service provider that springs out of the phonebook. You must ask yourself some critical questions, but this is where most people fail. Here is an insight into the key issues you should consider before hiring a skip bin. 

Do You Have Enough Space for a Skip Bin?

Where are you going to keep the skip bin while it is in use? It is arguably the most critical question in skip bin hire. Since skip bins come in various sizes, you need enough space for the size you want to hire. For instance, if you are going to place a skip bin on your driveway, then there is no need to hire a 12-cubic-yard skip bin. It is because the container will not leave enough space for you to drive through. However, if you have a backyard, then you should have no problem hiring a larger skip bin. Most importantly, ensure that you have enough space on your property so that you do not run into issues with storage space for a skip bin.

Is Your Property/Neighborhood Accessible?

Different neighbourhoods in different jurisdictions have codes that should be strictly adhered to. For example, some areas restrict trucks of a specific size and weight from going through for one reason or another. If you stay in such a community, then it is prudent to let a skip bin hire company know beforehand. The reason is that the service provider might not be allowed to pick the skip bin from your locality. Therefore, you might be forced to tow the container to the disposal truck which is inconveniencing, especially if the skip bin is not the towable type. You should ask the same question concerning your home. If the garbage truck cannot access your driveway, then you have to wheel the skip bin to the street for easy picking. 

Are There Local Area Laws?

As mentioned earlier, different jurisdictions have different laws regarding the use of skip bins. For instance, some municipalities consider it illegal to place skip bins in full view of the public, such as on the street and pathways. Residents of such areas must find a desired location -- such as the backyard -- to keep their skip bins out of sight. Ultimately, ensure that you familiarise yourself with current laws and codes governing skip bin placement in your municipality.

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