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From wall-less office plans to open lofts with high ceilings, the demand for more open space in residential and commercial facilities is not going to slow down anytime soon. Since open spaces tend to produce an echo, it is essential to invest in acoustic solutions such as acoustic panels. The panels do a great job at eliminating the bouncing of sound waves from walls and ceilings. Unfortunately, most acoustic solutions can be a tad boring. This article provides insights into some chic acoustic solutions.

Versatile Wood Wool

Although wood wool is a typical acoustic material in the construction industry, its use is mostly limited to panels. Wood wool often goes on walls due to their light weight. However, did you know that you can use wood wool for other acoustic applications other than acoustic panels? Most people are not aware of the versatility of wood wool as an acoustic material and miss out on its full potential. For instance, since wood wool is available in different colours, it can be used to make desk partitions, sculptural ceiling blades and even stools and chairs. Apart from absorbing echos and other forms of noise, the coloured elements add character to any open space.

Textured Panels

As mentioned earlier, acoustic panels control excess noise and echo, but they also play an integral role in improving the indoor decor. Therefore, a texture-less acoustic panel or ceiling will distinctively look out of place. By adding a little texture to your acoustic panels, you can instantly transform a bland-looking wall and ceiling into a sophisticated yet functional spot. For example, choose acoustic panels that have grooves going in different directions, then mix and match the panels for patterned acoustic wall panelling.

Peel and Stick Acoustic Tiles

When construction contractors discuss acoustic panelling with clients, the complexity of the topic can make it seem it seem like a science class. It is no wonder clients often leave the installation exercise to professionals. That said, a great acoustic solution is one that allows a client to take an active role during installation, and that is precisely what peel and stick acoustic tiles offer. Since peel-and-stick acoustic panels are designed with an adhesive backing, the panels allow for easy installation. The fun part is that the installation process is an activity that homeowners can complete with their family. Moreover, acoustic tiles come in different colours and geometric shapes for additional indoor aesthetics.

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