How to Turn an Epoxy Floor into a Design Piece

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If you've decided to add an epoxy coating to an existing concrete floor, either inside or outside your home, then you need to choose a colour or design for the cover coat. While you can keep things simple and go for a single colour, you can also take things a step further. Epoxy coating techniques could turn a plain floor into more of a design statement. What are your options?

Make the Epoxy Look Like Another Material

While a plain epoxy floor gives a stylish sheer design, you can have a floor laid to look like another material. This could be a cheaper option than having the floor covered in the material you want to mimic.

For example, you can have an epoxy floor put down in your kitchen that looks like it is made from materials like granite, quartz or marble. Some installers can make an epoxy floor look like it is made from metallic products.

An exterior floor could have an aggregate mix in it that enhances a typically plain coating. For example, you can add decorative materials like pebbles, stones or gravel. Aggregates also enhance an epoxy coating's grip, so this may be a good option for areas that get wet around pools.

Use the Epoxy to Create a Design

Don't assume that an epoxy floor has to look the same all over. It is possible to add design elements that make the coating look more complex and eye-catching.

For example, you can have mosaic images built into areas of the coating. So, if you were coating concrete around your pool, you could have a plain coloured epoxy covering most of the area with some mosaics set into certain key points. For example, to highlight the area's use, you could have a few differently coloured fish or shell images set into the epoxy.

As well as adding components to the base epoxy to make it look like it is made from another material, you can also have epoxy laid to a certain design. For example, if you'd really like a chequerboard tiled effect in your kitchen, you can have your coating laid in black and white squares. You get all the benefits of an epoxy floor in the design you want

To get more ideas, contact local epoxy flooring contractors. They may have other ideas you want to try or can help you get your design down on your floor.

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