Do You Need To Consult With An Underpinning Contractor?

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For your property to remain sturdy, it needs to have a stable foundation. Nonetheless, new homeowners who have never had to take responsibility for their property's foundation tend to be unaware of what to be on the lookout for when it comes to foundation decline. As a result, minor damages are given a chance to worsen, which in turn results into severe structural damage to the foundation and the house at large. Considering how expensive structural repairs can be, it is judicious for you to know the signs that should prompt you to seek professional assistance. Read on to determine if you need to consult with an underpinning contractor for your failing foundation.

Your property has poor drainage

One of the significant threats to the health of your foundation is improper drainage on your property. If water is not flowing away from the structure, it will start to seep into the soil. The more water that is making its way into the earth, the higher the risk of the soil shifting. When the soil shifts, it leaves room for the foundation to lower, which is referred to as subsidence. Subsidence causes excessive amount s of pressure to push against your foundation walls eventually leading to cracks and other damages. If you realise that your property is being exposed continuously to standing water, you should have an underpinning contractor come to inspect the foundation and determine if it requires repairs.

Your house is unevenly levelled

The second thing that should prompt you to seek underpinning services is when you notice that the flooring of your home is uneven. When soil erosion or shifting occurs, the structure starts to settle at the pints the soil has moved away. Over time, the house develops a tilt that can be perceived from the outdoors. In addition to this tilt, you may also notice peripheral signs of foundation damage such as jammed doors and windows, strange gaps and unexplainable bowing of your walls. The moment you are suspicious about a shift in your foundation, you should call an underpinning contractor.

Your property is close to large trees

Another threat to your foundation and your structure at large is proximity to large trees. Big trees tend to have an expansive root system to ensure they receive adequate nutrition and hydration. If these trees are near your house, there is the likelihood of root intrusion into your foundation. Since you cannot see the root ingress occurring, it is in your best interests to have an underpinning company like Pro-Pin Professional Underpinning carry out an investigation. 

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