What Features Distinguish a Farm Shed From a Farm Building?

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Farm sheds are simple buildings used to house farm vehicles, store produce or hay, and protect stock from different elements. You may need a farm building but end up getting a farm shed which will not serve you correctly. You also need to look at different classifications of farm sheds and farm buildings to know what you should get.  The classification of farm buildings or sheds is the work of the appropriate authority that can be the building certifier. Classifications are given based on risks on the use, occupancy and hazard. Note a few features that differentiate a farm shed from a farm building.

Classifications of Farming Structures

Three types include class 10a, class 7 and class 8. A class 10a structure can be a small structure that may be used to store a farm vehicle overnight and only accessed when you need to retrieve the vehicle. A class 7 structure may include a building where individuals can drop off and pick up produce or hay. A class 8 structure may consist of factories or buildings that may be used for repair of machinery or packaging of produce.

A Farm Shed Is Not Frequented or Occupied by Many People for Extended Periods

The only time a farm shed is visited is to drop off or pick up hay or produce, or to service or fuel a parked farm vehicle. Few people work in this shed — maybe one to three during loading and unloading produce or hay. This means that people will not occupy a farm shed for the most part of the year.

A farm building can be used to house sheep for shearing or poultry. It can also be a factory. It will be visited daily and for long durations of time. It can even accommodate up to eight people.

Maximum and Minimum Floor Area

The main factor considered when determining floor area is safety and the type of farm construction.

A farm shed will have a smaller floor area compared to a farm building. For example, a class 7 or 8 farm shed can have a minimum of 500 m2 to 2000 m2 while a farm building will have a maximum floor area of 3500 m2. This will, however, depend on the classification and the amount of hay, produce or farm vehicles you have. In case of an emergency, the occupant should be able to note any danger, and he or she may exit the premises or may be rescued easily.

In most cases, a farm shed may lack doors, artificial lighting, fire hose reels, fire hydrants, and water supplies or sanitary facilities. Farm building will have all these features and more.

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