Road Surveying – Why It Is Vital Before Construction

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Before any construction project is underway, it is essential to have road surveying performed. This survey plays an integral role in learning about the topography, soil conditions and other important factors that could impact your new structure. In addition to land surveying, you may also have to get a road survey performed too. Road surveys will be critical if you are planning to construct a road either through the lot or next to it. Hence, this survey also has to be undertaken before your construction project getting off the ground. If you have never considered the importance of a road survey, read on for two convincing reasons why it is vital before construction. 

A survey enlightens you on the best placement for the road

Before your contractors can engage in road construction, they need to identify the best location. You may assume that merely choosing where you want the road will work but the reality is that many things need to be factored into the placement. To start with, the surveyors will have to investigate the terrain to determine where will be the most level placement for your planned route. Secondly, the surveyors will have to determine how much earth must be excavated and what obstacles need clearing before road construction can be underway.

Take note that deciding what parts of the lot can be cleared depending on figuring out which areas will require minimal excavation and the relocation of soil so that the project does not take up too much efforts and money. Once the road surveyor has collected all pertinent data, they will furnish your engineers with it so that they can come up with an efficient building plan.

A road survey determines how to incorporate additional design elements

If the road you want to be constructed will feature other elements, such as bridges or tunnels, then it is in the purview of your road surveyor to establish how best to build these inclusions. It should be noted that geographical layouts would vary vastly from one lot to another. Therefore, it is vital for a road surveyor to take the grading of the land into consideration so that they can ensure any potential threat to the newly constructed road is averted via proper construction.

A few of the risks that you should be aware of are possible flood zones, unstable soil conditions or even an excessive incline that will make it challenging for vehicles to drive on. Furthermore, the road surveyor will also ensure that both the construction of the road as well as the incusing of additional features will meet your local council regulations.

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