How to Make Your Family Kitchen the New Centre of Your Home

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The modern-day Australian home is quite different to its counterpart from the tail end of the last century, as the way that people live their lives continues to change. As technology becomes ever more prevalent and people feel more "connected," they will often interface with their device throughout the day and feel that they are more mobile as a consequence.

The difference may be subtle, but the typical family is spending less time in a living or sitting room and more time in the central hub of the house, which is now the kitchen. This is where meals are prepared according to different schedules, people can plug-in more easily and plans are made. Consequently, it has become a more important room and you need to pay more attention to its design.


To help you make this room a more practical and enjoyable place to be and less of a workplace, you need to introduce specific fixtures and work surfaces.

Starting With Splashbacks

You will want to protect the walls from any onslaught during the cooking and preparation process, and kitchen splashbacks are ideal here. You'll also want to make sure that those splashbacks look pleasing to the eye and while you can pick a variety of different materials like marble, brick or stainless steel, glass is likely the better choice.


You may be concerned about adding a glass splashback, as surely this is vulnerable to damage? On the contrary, you needn't worry about your investment here as the material used is highly resistant to damage and the effects of high temperature.

Incorporating the Design

Furthermore, you can choose the type of splashback very carefully so that it fits in with the overall design aesthetic of the room. This will help you to reflect the importance of your new gathering place, as well as the personality of your family unit.

These days, you can even choose a splashback product that incorporates a variety of different images or patterns that you supply to the designer. On the other hand, you could simply choose a plain glass insert that helps to reflect the view outside your home on a sparkling day. Some people even choose to add LED lights in a specially constructed recess, so that they reflect against the glass and give a special type of ambience.

Crafting Your Plan

Talk this over with your advisers and let your creativity run wild, as you design your new kitchen layout.

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