All You Should Know about Broken Garage Door Lift Cables

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While you may not pay any mind to your garage doors, they operate via an intricate system of springs and cables. And when these components are compromised, it will be quite challenging to get your garage doors to open and close. Not to mention that damaged components also pose a safety risk since their presence means that the heavy garage doors are not secured.

When it comes to garage door cables, there are two main parts. The first is the aircraft cable that is made up of twisted strands of wire. The aircraft cable is then attached to a lift cable, which functions to ensure the garage doors are counterbalanced. The last part is the retaining cable that has the primary purpose of making sure that the garage door springs do not fall away. The following piece focuses on all that you should know about broken garage door lift cables.

Why is the garage door lift cable broken?

The one thing you should note about your garage door components is that they are put through high usage, considering how heavy the doors are. Thus, one of the most common reasons why cables will break, especially the lift cable that works to ensure the counterbalance of your garage doors, is that they are constantly exposed to extreme tension. As the lift cable moves through the various pulley systems on your garage doors, it starts to experience wear.

Furthermore, any moisture that encounters the lift cable will accelerate the deterioration that is happening. It should also be noted that if the bearings in the pulley system were degrading, rubbing on the rough exterior would also hurt the condition of your lift cable. As a result, the lift cables start to thin and will eventually snap. It is, therefore, crucial to have your garage doors inspected and maintained professionally on schedule, so any potential harm to your lift cable is established early on and fixed in good time.

What are the indicators of a broken garage door lift cable?

In usual cases, homeowners tend only to be aware of any problems with their lift cable once it snaps. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the issue cannot be diagnosed early. When the lift cable is compromised, one of the first things that you will notice is unusual sounds when the doors are in operation, like squeaking or grinding. Furthermore, you may also notice that your garage doors are vibrating when they are in operation, which is caused by the lift cables struggling to counterbalance the doors.

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