Different Items You Can Hire From a Portable Toilet Company

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Whether you're hosting a public event or you're working on a construction site, you may need to rent toilets to accommodate your guests or your workers. But if you think that a portable toilet hire company can only provide you with mobile bathrooms, you're mistaken. Here's a breakdown of the things that a hire equipment company can offer you.

Portable toilets

Standard portable toilets are typically made from plastic and fibreglass and are equipped with a hand sink, soap, paper towels and a flushable portable toilet. Special needs portable toilets are available if you are holding a public event that requires you to have designated handicapped-friendly facilities. These toilets feature handrails and have a wider surface area that is also wheelchair-accessible.

If you are a construction foreman, you may want to rent an enclosed high-rise portable toilet, which is built on casters, has a steel reinforced construction and is designed to fit into service elevators on high-rise construction projects. A mobile portable toilet is another choice for construction workers who have to work at different project sites, as it is built with wheels so that you can easily mount it to the back of a trailer for quick transportation.

Mobile urinals

Portable toilet hire companies also offer mobile urinals, which are bowl-shaped urinals on wheels that are ideal for construction sites. Mobile urinals aren't flushable, but they do come with a soap case and a large storage tank.

Luxury bathroom trailers

You can also rent a bathroom trailer from a portable toilet hire company. These are deluxe bathrooms on wheels that are nearly as nice as a bathroom in a house or apartment. They feature flushable toilets, hot and cold water sinks, garbage can, mirror, air freshener, lighting, air conditioning and heat.

You can even hire a restroom attendant to ensure that the trailer is clean between use. These bathroom trailers are available in different sizes, with as many as four toilet areas sectioned off for privacy. They are ideal for VIP events that take place off-site.

Portable sinks and hand sanitiser stands

If you want your guests to be able to wash their hands, then you can rent a portable sink that is typically powered with a foot pump and includes a paper towel and soap dispenser. You can also opt for a hand sanitiser stand that does away with the need for water and offers guests pump-style sanitisers. These two items are ideal for construction sites and public food events.

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