The Various Advantages of Building Your Industrial Structure with Tilt-Up Concrete Wall Panels

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Concrete tilt-up wall panels are widely used in the industrial construction world. Industrial builders love to use these construction panels because of the many incredible advantages they bring onboard. 

If you're contemplating using concrete tilt-up panels to build the walls of your industrial structure and are looking to learn about the benefits these concrete panels can deliver, look no further.

The following guide will look into a few top benefits of building with concrete tilt-up wall panels.

Tilt-up concrete walls shorten installation time

While on-site casting of concrete tilt-up wall panels takes time, builders can save time on the installation process. Once the poured-in-place concrete has cured, it's hoisted into position using a crane. This makes the panels one of the fastest to install in today's concrete construction industry.

Tilt-up concrete walls eliminate the need to transport panels to the construction site

As tilt-up wall panels are fabricated on-site, they don't have to be delivered to the construction site like with precast walls. This helps do away with the cost of transporting panels to the construction site, thus reducing overall project costs.

Tilt-up concrete walls are perfect for large structures with simple designs

For the most part, buildings used for industrial purposes don't need to have a complex design. Tilt-up wall panels work well for industrial builders looking to construct large buildings with simple geometrical shapes. 

Tilt-up concrete walls can be customised to look nice

During the on-site casting process, tilt-up concrete wall panels can be designed to look beautiful. Decorative effects can be incorporated into these panels to improve the architectural design and beauty of the building. 

Some of the architectural and decorative features that are common among concrete contractors include textured coatings, cornice lines, and finishes resembling the look of traditional wood, brick, and stone.

Plus, the exterior part of tilt-up walls can be covered with almost any type of cladding.

Tilt-up concrete walls reduce the amount of waste generated at construction sites

Site-cast concrete panels minimise wastage of construction material, meaning there will be less waste to dispose of. This helps keep the worksite neat and organised, as less clutter is produced. This also translates into less environmental impact.

Tilt-up wall panels can be recycled

These site cast walls can be recycled when the structure is demolished. The recycling of tilt-up wall panels further reduces the negative impact on the environmental.

If you need more information on building with tilt-up concrete panels, contact an industrial concrete service.

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