3 Services Offered By Civil Engineers That Your Construction Business Needs

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If you are a contractor that has just landed their first big project, then you may be looking at tasks that your team doesn't handle. Most of these tasks may come in the planning phases of the project, especially if it is a new industrial or commercial construction. If this sounds like the situation you are in, here are three services offered by civil engineers that your construction business needs to use for your project. There are other services they offer, but these are the three most common that you may need.

1. Traffic Analysis

If part of the project, or the whole project, will be a new parking area then you need a traffic analysis report. This is generally done during the planning phases. The civil engineers will step in and look at the current plan for the parking lot. This will include the entrances, exits and how traffic may flow during the workday and shift changes. They will analyse the traffic to determine the risk level of the parking lot design and any changes that can be made to reduce congestion and accidents.

2. Environmental Factors

Civil engineers can determine if there will be any environmental factors that should be considered for your project. For example, you may be in an area that requires permits for certain buildings and manufacturing. There may also be total restrictions on certain manufacturing due to environmental issues. The civil engineers can also determine if plans in the project for certain manufacturing options will have emissions that do not fit within the environmental guidelines. They can take this information and help you change the construction plan to fit within the guidelines and boundaries of current environmental laws for the area.

3. Utility Design

You may have a project that requires utilities to be placed. These utilities may be entire sewer plans, septic tanks or stormwater management. Your civil engineers can use the layout and landscaping of the area, combined with topographical analysis, to determine where the best placement for these utilities will be. They can also help you design a layout that works best for rainwater management to prevent flooding and damage to the property.

If you know you will be needing these services, contact your local civil engineer team. They can help with a consultation and determine what additional services you may need. They can also offer suggestions on changes that should be made to your current plan to increase productivity of the final project.

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