Buying Your Perfect Bathroom Mirror

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What's your morning routine like? Most people will spend at least part of their morning in the bathroom grooming themselves to ensure they are presentable for the day ahead. An indispensable tool for that grooming session is the bathroom mirror. Without an easily accessible mirror in the bathroom, almost every task you undertake there becomes harder. Unless you can see your appearance in a mirror, it is impossible to tell if you have properly cleaned your face or combed your hair or done any of the other tasks involved in getting ready in the morning. It is indisputable that bathroom mirrors are an important part of every bathroom, but how much consideration do you give to your choice of mirror when it is time to purchase a new bathroom mirror?

Does the choice of mirror matter?

While you may not think of your bathroom mirror as a particularly important part of your overall household decor, it is more significant than you might think. Bathroom mirrors may be functional, but they also offer a simple way to inject a personal touch into an otherwise plain and ordinary room. Bathrooms are frequently stark and clinical in nature, and choosing the right bathroom mirror is your opportunity to brighten the room and create a room that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

What size of mirror should you choose?

It's not just the style of mirror that is important. You must spend some time thinking about exactly how you will hang the mirror in the bathroom. Most people like to hang their bathroom mirrors above the sink, since this is where they can be of most use. The height of the mirror is often more difficult to determine, however, and can even become a source of tension. In general, the height of the mirror should be determined by the height of those who will be using the mirror and by the size of the wall behind it. If you are anything other than average height, you have probably experienced at firsthand the frustration that comes when you try to use someone else's bathroom mirror and find yourself either jumping to see into it or being forced to bend down to see into the top of the mirror.

In simple terms, you must think about the heights of tallest and shortest people in the house and mount your mirror at a height where both can comfortably use it, even if this means buying a longer mirror than you might otherwise need. Allowing equal space between the top of the sink and the mirror and the mirror and the ceiling can offer a sense of proportion to the design. Whether that will work for you depends on the size of the mirror you use and the heights of those who will use the bathroom. However you finally decide to mount your mirror, the most important consideration is that everyone in your home can comfortably use your mirror whenever they need to do so.

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