Top Tips When Hiring a Glazier

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Glass repair work in your home could range from replacing broken window panes to repairing glass furniture. Regardless of the job at hand, you need a professional to undertake glass repairs. Remember that glass is very fragile, and a lot of care has to be observed during installation. Otherwise, the glass could pose a risk to you and your family. Sometimes, glass repair works can be an emergency. For example, when the shower glass or front door glass breaks, you should have a glazier you can call to undertake such repairs. Below are a few considerations you should make when hiring a glazier. 

The scope of works

Your choice of glazier should be well equipped to handle all types of glass repair works. He or she should be in a position to repair window panes, shower glass, furniture glass, mirrors and door glass. 


Although glaziers can be busy, the person should be easy to reach. Avoid glaziers that do not respond to your class and emails. A glazier that works till late and on weekends is better suited to handle emergency repairs.  

Company or individual

You have to choose between freelance glaziers and those working for a company. The primary advantage of glass repair companies is that they respond to your needs promptly because they have many glaziers on their pay roll. Besides, most companies have a stock of all kinds of glass panels that may be needed for home repairs. The benefit of hiring a freelance glazier is that one person will handle all your glass repair works. In such a way, it becomes easy to form a lasting relationship. Also, you will not have a different person coming into your home every time you need glass repairs.

Reputation and experience

The person or company that you hire should be reputable. Ask for referrals from friends and family, or check for online reviews. Companies and individuals that have been in the industry for longer are better suited to handle your glass repair work. 


Before deciding on whom to hire, ask for quotes from a few companies or freelance glaziers. Ensure that the prices of the glazier you hire are consistent with the industry rates. Experienced and reputable glaziers may be a bit expensive, but you will benefit from their high-quality work.

When hiring a glazier, decide whether to hire an individual or company. Your choice of glazier or glass repair company should be reputable, experienced, affordable and available to conduct repair works.

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