What You Need to Consider When Building a Custom Home in the Bush

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If you have a very freewheeling personality and like to blaze your own trail, you'll certainly be looking at different alternatives when you are getting ready to build your first home. You're not looking in the centre of Sydney or another big city, but realise that Australia is a sprawling land. Instead, you want to start with a clean sheet and create something unusual in a remote area. The good news is that architects, engineers and builders are very capable these days and can likely help you achieve your vision. However, you do need to temper your enthusiasm and think carefully before you get too carried away. What should you focus on in particular?

Hooking Up

Firstly, the more remote you get, the more of a challenge you will face when trying to connect those all-important services. You might have to extend utility lines to the boundary of your property and may well have to pay to dig a water well and install a septic tank.

Survey Time

You will also need to bring in a surveyor or two to fully understand the plot and test the soil for its composition. This will guide you when it comes to the building method and let you know if you have to make some initial preparations before work begins.

Mitigating Risk

The further out into the bush you go, the more at risk you may be from a fire or another natural disaster. Make sure that you take into account these risks and don't go overboard with vegetation. Also, try to avoid building in a low-lying area, especially if it is near to a flood plain.

Inclusive Budget

When it comes to your budget, allow enough money for unforeseen costs, especially with a campaign like this. You can certainly work closely with your technicians and builders to contain these, but sometimes extra costs will be forced on you from unexpected sources or local regulators.

Covered Everything?

Once you have arrived at your budget and introduced plenty of padding just in case, make sure that the funds will be available according to the schedule laid down by your designers. Introduce insurance from an early stage to protect your investment even before the actual property is complete.

Off You Go

If you're sure that you are ready, bring in your home building team and get to work. So long as you have taken everything into account and planned well enough in advance, you will be amazed at what you can create.

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