3 Key Points of Polycarbonate Roofing

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When you begin to handle outdoor renovations and upgrades, one option may be to cover a deck or the entry to a storage shed. There are several roofing options you can use to do this. However, one of the most popular is polycarbonate roofing. This material is durable, offers several benefits and is budget friendly. Before you settle on polycarbonate as an option, here are three key points you should know.

1. Types of Polycarbonate Roofing 

The first thing you need to know about polycarbonate roofing are the types available. You have three basic styles. The most popular are coloured options such as dark green. The other two options are an opaque white and clear. The coloured options are available in a variety of colours to fit your outside decor needs. You can get the colour to match your siding, outdoor living colours or the siding of your storage shed. Clear roofing is popular since it does allow light into the area without allowing the heat to be transferred directly to you. It is also easier to clean and remove all debris since you can see the debris easily.

2. Benefits of Polycarbonate Roofing

If you are concerned with how polycarbonate roofing can benefit you, there are several things to consider. The main reason many people choose this type of roofing for overhangs and patios is for the durability. Polycarbonate is used in many applications including as bullet protection for law enforcement. For roofing, the polycarbonate is just as durable and can hold up to heavy items falling on the roofing as well as heavy winds. The roofing can also hold up under extreme weather conditions like extreme cold and heat. This makes it ideal for year-round use.

3. Uses for Polycarbonate Roofing

When you first look at polycarbonate roofing, you may wonder where you can use it. One of the main uses is for the overhang of patios and entryways into areas like storage sheds. However, it can be used in other ways. The roofing is ideal for greenhouse creations and for covers for smaller raised garden beds that need protection year round. It can also be placed on hinges to allow the panels to open easily or to be folded or retracted onto a roofline if they need to be moved out of the way or for cleaning.

If you still think that polycarbonate roofing may be the ideal option for you, consider visiting your local roofing supply warehouse or your roofing contractor. They can help with designs and installation as well as answering questions you have about maintaining your new roofing option.

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