The Right Steps To Follow When Doing Electrical Installation

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Electrical installation is one of the most important parts of housing construction. When the wiring is done properly, the home gets a steady supply of power for months. On the other hand, when the installation is not handled properly, you may end up having to make countless repairs and upgrades to your systems. Here, are some of the steps which a professional electrician should follow when making an electrical installation.

Installation of a temporary pole

It is important to note that when electrical installation is starting, the home may not be adequately protected from all the aspects of weather. The electricians will install a temporary electrical pole to handle construction power needs such as welding. After a temporary power supply has been created, they will map out a blueprint of the path that the power supply lines will follow. Before the building construction is finalised, electrical conduits will have been laid down, which will be particularly important if the plan includes receptacles.

The rough-in stage

The second stage comes when doors, windows and other structures have been installed, but the sheetrock or other wall finish is yet to be installed. The stage involves creating a connection between the electric box and wall studs. Holes will be drilled where necessary, and the result will be complete circuit wiring. At this stage, appliances such as exhaust fans and can lights will be put up and fixed. All the wiring that will support the entertainment system and other accessories will also be installed during this stage. When all these stages of the wiring process have taken place, the contractors will install the sheetrock and cover everything up.

The finishing

This is the last stage of an electrical system installation. At this point, all the bulbs, lights, fans and other appliances have been marked and wired. The stage also involves the installation of switchboards and HVAC systems. After the final touches of the installation have been made, the wiring and the appliances will be tested to see if they are working properly. 

All the stages of electrical power installation should be planned by a competent electrician and handled by trained installation experts. The contractor should supervise every step of the process to make sure that standard procedure is followed. A competent electrician will recommend the best products to buy for every step of the process and the techniques that will make sure that installation is affordable and superior in quality.

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