Solutions to Enhance Ventilation in Your Custom Home Build

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When you have the chance to build your own house, you have the freedom and flexibility to design the structure the way you want. But while you may be looking to focus on the visual appeal of the architecture of the structure, it is also important to include elements in your custom home design that will help in making your home both comfortable and energy-efficient. One way of doing this, especially if you live in Australia, is by incorporating innovative elements that will boost airflow, which subsequently keeps your house cool. This piece explores some solutions you can deliberate on with your custom home builders when looking to enhance ventilation in your new house.

Construct a wrap-around patio

A patio is an excellent feature for homeowners that want a sheltered exterior area where they can relax or entertain. Nonetheless, patios do not have the sole function of providing you with additional living space. When constructed professionally, your patio can also act as a barrier against the scorching sun. Although the patio will not keep all the sun rays away, it does create a buffer of cool air against the side of the home it is built on. Thus, to maximise this benefit, you should elect to have the patio wrap around the entire structure rather than on one side of the home.

Opt for strategic window placement

Windows are necessary for any structure. However, not many homeowners take time to find the right place for the windows since most people only think of their windows as elements that bring in light and provide ventilation when they want a breeze into their house. What you should know about windows is that the degree of ventilation that they can provide you with is mostly dependent on where they are placed. For instance, having windows installed on opposite sides of each dramatically helps in bolstering cross circulation in the room. For you to achieve the best possible ventilation in your new structure, it is imperative to have your custom home builders to assess the wind patterns of your location so that they can identify the best location for the windows. 

Elect to install clerestories

Clerestories are types of windows that are typically installed high above the eye level. Since these types of windows are not tasked with the primary function of providing you with scenic views, some people may assume that they do not need them. But if you live in a hot area, clerestories can facilitate airflow in your home, which subsequently keeps your house ventilated. As warm air rises, the clerestories allow it to float outside, and cool air remains inside your space.

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