2 situations in which you should postpone the removal of a tree

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If either of the following situations arises after an arborist arrives at your home to cut down one of your trees, you should arrange for the tree removal work to be carried out on a different day.

1. It suddenly becomes rainy and windy  

If it suddenly becomes extremely windy or starts to rain heavily after the arborist arrives at your property, it may be best to postpone the tree removal work until weather conditions improve. The reason for this is that if you insist that they cut down the tree during a bout of windy, wet weather, there is a much greater chance that something will go seriously wrong whilst they are carrying out this job.

For example, the heavy branches that they cut and then toss on the ground could be blown around your garden by the wind, and may end up hitting and smashing any lanterns, garden ornaments or fragile outdoor furniture that you keep in this part of your property. There is also a risk that these branches may be blown towards your house and may then strike and break sections of your roof or one of the house's windows.

Additionally, it could be dangerous for the arborist to work in these type of weather conditions, as the heavy rain could affect their ability to see clearly (which could lead to them cutting themselves with the chainsaw) and make the tree bark slippery (which could increase the risk of them slipping and falling out of the tree and onto the ground).

2. Your next-door neighbours are hosting an outdoor party

If after the arborist reaches your home, you become aware of the fact that your next-door neighbours are having a party in their garden, it may be best to ask the arborist to come back at another time. There are two reasons why you may want to postpone the removal of your tree in this situation. Firstly, the exceptionally loud noise generated by the arborist's chainsaw may make it impossible for your neighbours to speak to their guests or enjoy their party.

The falling twigs and leaves may also end up landing in the food dishes that they have laid out and in doing so, may render these dishes inedible. Secondly, there is a chance that the falling branches may hit your neighbour or one of their guests, in which case you may be considered liable for any physical injuries they sustain as a result of this incident.

In short, in this situation, it would be much safer and more neighbourly to simply have the tree cut down on a different date.

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