Love Timber? Here Is How To Incorporate It Into Every Part Of Your Future Home

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Wood has been one of mankind's favourite building materials for thousands of years. From people who love its texture to those that simply love how affordable it can be, it appeals to many different markets. While some stiff competition in the construction industry has arisen over the last few decades, timber remains a constant in the Australian construction landscape. If you are going for a timber themed house or are simply looking to save money in certain areas for your next commercial construction project, you should look no further than a bit of good, old fashioned timber.

Timber Frames Trusses 

If you are looking at constructing your own home you will quickly learn about all areas of your future house, including the roof and what holds it up. A truss is a very simple construction component that has different parts shaped into one object that reacts to pressure as a single unit. In most houses, trusses are used in the ceiling as frames to hold up the roof in the form of triangles. This is due to the fact that triangles are an exceptionally strong shape and are easier to make span a longer distance. If you want to save money while not sacrificing quality, then timber frame trusses are an easy choice, and they will satisfy that urge for a more timber-oriented house. 


Timber floors can be a defining feature of your future house, if you want them to be. There are many different grains of wood from different trees that you can pick, from red oak, to a more historical look with reclaimed pine. Having a varnished, wooden floor is one of the most beautiful types of floors you can have and really grounds your house into the natural environment around it. While timber flooring can be more expensive than carpet and vinyl, it is still a popular choice because people know the quality of wooden floors will last a lifetime. If you want a timber-themed house, then you simply must have wooden flooring.


It has become a trend in recent years to have fabric covering almost all pieces of furniture in the house, from dining chairs to sofas in your lounge. If you want to create a really rustic feel in your house, centred around timber, then furnishing your house with lounges, tables and chairs that all proudly display their timber attributes is very important. This three-pronged attack of timber in the more hidden construction elements (trusses), the visible construction elements (flooring) and the interior design of your house will create a unified sense of flow, which is important to your house if you want that natural feel timber provides. 

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