Important Steps You Need To Take Before Construction Begins On Your Site

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The scene is set -- you have purchased your new plot of land, any old structures on it are torn down and you are ready to begin construction. However, before you go ahead with construction, there are a few things you need to make sure you have checked off your list. Whether you are building a house or a larger commercial building, there are steps you have to take before everything related to construction can go ahead. 

Site Levelling Services 

Unless you are specifically planning on incorporating previous aspects of the plot of land into your new building, you should look into getting in contact with a levelling or removal contractor who can clear your land. While you may have torn down actual structures, it is easy to overlook pavement, concrete and even parts of the lawn. Think about what you intend the finished product to look like and then go over whether any of the current parts of the plot of land look like that. Unless they match exactly with what you are thinking, you should get them removed; it is much easier to get this work done before your property becomes a construction project with many people milling around.


Boring in construction usually relates to the creation of deep holes that are then filled with reinforcing steel, concrete and then your structural pole. This can be for a few reasons, but usually it comes down to either the surface of the land being too unstable to support your construction or the building you are constructing is huge, and you need maximum support. If you are building a simple house, then you still may need to have boring holes created if the surface isn't very stable and you should get this checked out before construction begins. Shifting dirt is not an ideal surface to build on which is why boring holes get down to a more stable layer.

Zoning Permits

If you have bought virgin land with no previous buildings on it, then you need to get your land zoned for the appropriate usage the building you are constructing will fulfil. This requires submitting zoning applications to the local council, which can take months to get approved. This is why it is very important to get your land zoned before any construction begins, you could be deep into the building phase by the time your paperwork gets back only to find you were rejected for some or all of the building.

If you are buying land that used to have buildings on it, you should still check with your construction contractor what the previous tenants land was zoned for. You may find out that you are trying to achieve something different to what the land is currently allotted to do, in which case you will have to submit more paperwork to the council. 

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