3 Key Points of Adding Skylights to Your Tiny Home

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If you are developing the design plan for your tiny home, one of the options that is available to you is the addition of a skylight. You can put one skylight or several skylights in place along the ceiling of your tiny home. Before you start ordering skylights and plan on having them installed, there are three key points you need to keep in mind. Here are those three points and what you need to know about each one:

Natural Light

If you are living off grid, or using solar power as your primary power resource, then the natural light of skylight windows is beneficial. The natural light of a well-placed skylight means that you would need to use less artificial light such as lamps or wall-mounted lights. If you have a steepled roof, you can have skylights running along both the left and right of your ceiling to give you full lighting during the day. You can also have skylight windows placed over your loft and sleeping areas to give you more light and more of an open feel.


One of the key points that many people overlook with skylights in a tiny home is insulation. You may order skylights that are already insulated around the frame and with the window itself. However, you need to consider additional insulation. For example, if you have a skylight over your loft sleeping area, you will be able to feel the cold and heat easily. This is due to the close proximity of the skylight to the sleeping area. You will want to get a window film insulation that can easily be placed on the window to reduce the heat or cold that can get into the tiny home. You can also add pull down shades that can assist with maintaining the temperature and insulating the window.

Open Options

In some cases, you may want to consider having skylight windows that can be opened either manually or by a remote. The windows can slide open or pop open, depending on the type of option you prefer. Having skylight windows that open can help you get a cross breeze in the tiny home, which will help maintain the temperature at a comfortable level without using fans or other power-operated resources.

If you are ready to start adding skylights to your tiny home plan, contact your local skylight window manufacturers. They can help you with questions, ordering, and with installation options. They can also give you ideas for the type of skylight windows that would work best for your tiny home plans.

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