3 Benefits of Gable Patio Designs for Upgrading Your Curb Appeal

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If you are considering ways to upgrade your homes curb appeal, and add to your comfort, you may be looking at the addition of a patio. With a patio, there are several options available from the flooring to the roof and enclosure. One of the options is to go with an enclosed gable patio design. If you have not considered the benefits of a gable patio, here are three benefits that may appeal to you.

1. Narrow Spaces

One of the key benefits of using a gable patio design is the ability for the angle of the roof to fit smaller spaces. Traditional rooflines may not fit in the same space, so the angle allows you to raise or lower the gable to fit the space and give the appearance of a more open amount of room. When enclosed, lighting can be placed in the top of the gable area to create an illusion of even more space at night. This can give a curb appeal to your home by making the home appear larger than it is.

2. Weather Resistance

If you receive a large amount of rain or snow in your area, then one of the benefits to a gable roof is in the angle. The angle of the roof helps with weather resistance by allowing the rain or snow to slide off the roof and to the ground below. With traditional roof styles, you may be facing areas of the roof where the snow or rain can pool. This can cause water to get under the shingles and cause wood rot, mould or other damage. The gable roof reduces this chance. By enclosing the gable patio, you can also offer protection to your patio and furniture to prevent the rain and snow from coming in or sliding off the roof to the patio below.

3. Heat Reduction

The open gable of the roof allows you to distribute heat throughout the patio area. This is especially true if it is an enclosed gable patio design where heat may normally get trapped or feel hotter than it normally is. If you go with a traditional roofline, you may cause the air to not circulate as well as it would through a gable roofline with open rafters and trusses.

If you think that an enclosed gable patio will work for you then contact your patio or home building contractors. They can help you with your options, design plans and pricing. They can also give you options that may upgrade the look even more, including doors and hardware to enhance the look of the gable patio.

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